Prices for New Academic Users

apple windows*nix   Pricing for New Licenses (Cross-Platform)

Product Academic Price
Single Registered User - One Year Subscription $89
Volume, Five Registered Users (non-concurrent) - One Year Subscription $349
Additional Single User (non-concurrent) - One Year Subscription (per user) $70
25-Named (Non-concurrent) User Annual Lease $795 Per Year
50-Named (Non-concurrent) User Annual Lease $1295 Per Year
100+ Named (Non-concurrent) User Annual Lease Please call or email


*nix Pricing for New Solaris Licenses

Solaris licenses are only available on an annual basis. User-based site licenses are priced on the basis of the cumulative number of individuals who use Stat/Transfer in an annual period -- Note, this is a license for cumulative, not simultaneous or concurrent use. Use may be on any number of machines.

Product Academic Price
25-Named (Non-concurrent) User Annual Lease $795 per year
50-Named (Non-concurrent) User Annual Lease $1295 per year
100+ Named (Non-concurrent) User Annual Lease Please call or email


  • Academic prices apply to direct sales to colleges or universities or to individuals who are reachable at a college or university e-mail address.
  • Student licenses are intended for the personal use of full-time students enrolled in recognized degree programs. Eligibility must be established by faxing or e-mailing a copy of a student identification card or a similar document. Payment for student licenses must be by the student's personal credit card or check. No invoices suitable for reimbursement will be issued.
  • Commercial prices apply to all other sales including not-for-profit and government.
  • Minor version upgrades (e.g. from 13.0.x to 13.1.x) are free. Simply download an upgrade from our support page.

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