Stat/Transfer Licensing and Prices

We offer single-user licenses, workgroup licenses and annual leases. Standard licenses can be used interchangably on Windows, Mac, or on Linux.

Single user licenses allow you to install Stat/Transfer on a reasonable number of machines, as long as you are the only user of those machines. For instance, you can install Stat/Transfer on your office computer, your home computer and your laptop, provided you are the sole user on each of those machines and using your Stat/Transfer license for handling your own (not others') data. Single user licenses will not work over a network and they will not work under Terminal Server or Citrix.

Workgroup licenses allow installation on a fixed number of computers, irrespective of how many people are using those computers. For instance, a five user workgroup license will come with five activation codes, each which will allow installation on one machine. Workgroup licenses do not allow use over a network or with Terminal Server or Citrix.

Annual leases permit use by a fixed number of individuals on any combination of machines. They do permit use over a network, or with Terminal Server or Citrix. Note that these are not simultaneous use licenses. You must buy as many seats as there are individuals who will be using the software in an annual period.

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