Upgrading Stat/Transfer


How you upgrade your copy of Stat/Transfer depends on the type of license you hold. If you have a subscription, your upgrade will be free, as long as your subscriptions is current, but you will need to follow the procedure outlined below. If you have a perpetual license, your upgrade may or may not be free depending upon your current version and whether or not you are still in your maintenance period. Finally, if you have an annual lease license, your upgrade is free, as long as your lease is current. If you have any doubt about which kind of license you have, just look at the Status field on the About tab in your copy of Stat/Transfer. Then, consult the instructions below for your type of license.

Upgrades for Subscriptions

It is not possible to have two different versions activated on the same computer, so the next thing you will need to do is to deactivate your old version. First, save your activation code by clicking on the "Copy Activation Code" button. Then paste the activation code in an empty text document, such as in Notepad. Next, click on the "Deactivate" button and close Stat/Transfer. You may wish to uninstall your old version at this point.

Then, start your newly installed copy of Stat/Transfer and go to the About tab. You can then activate Stat/Transfer as usual, following the instructions here

Upgrades for Perpetual Licenses

Version 15 of Stat/Transfer was sold with one year of free maintenance and, optionally, with additional two or three year maintenance periods. If you are still within you maintenance period, your upgrade will be free. You can check whether you are eligible for a free upgrade and obtain your new version 16 activation code by going here and then entering your Version 15 activation code. If your maintenance period has expired, you will need to purchase an upgrade

If you have a Version 12 through 14 activation code or if your Version 15 activation code is out of maintenance, you will need to obtain a paid upgrade. You can do this by going to our online store, where you can purchase an upgrade token, which you can then exchange for a version 16 activation code.

If you have a license for Version 11 or lower, you will need to purchase a subscription or a new perpetual license at our online store.

With a perpetual license, it is possible to run two versions on the same machine, so it is not necessary to uninstall or deactivate your old copy,

Upgrades for Network Leases

Network Leases, like subscriptions, entitle you to run the most current version of the software. You can simply download the latest version, install it, and then apply your license file to activate your new software.