Mac OS X Maintenance Downloads

Please note. The maintenance releases for Mac OS X that you download are the same as the demo versions. Your downloaded version will become a fully functioning copy as long as you already have Stat/Transfer installed on your computer.

You can have Stat/Transfer automatically check for new maintenance versions. If you need a new version, please click Download Version 14 link below. After you press the Download button below, the disk image icon for the file stdemox.dmg will appear on your desktop (where x is the version number).

Click on this icon and a new icon for StatTransferDemo will appear on your desktop. Click on the StatTransferDemo icon, which will open up a window with an icon for st_demo. Click on the st_demo icon. This will run the Installer.

You will be prompted to enter the name and password of a user on your computer with administrative privileges.

If you have Stat/Transfer Version 13, you should download the final maintenance release of your version by clicking on the Download Version 13 link below.