ReadMe – Stat/Transfer 10 for Solaris

Installation Instructions

Log in as root
set execute permissions on the installer
Execute the installer:
./st_solaris_x86 or

Follow the installer prompts.

The installer will put the software in /usr/local/stattransfer10.

Note: If you are running the JDS/GNOME desktop the installer will
create a launcher for S/T GUI in /Applications/Other. This will
become available after you restart the OS. However, if you change
the path to the default installation folder, you must manually change
the properties of the launcher. Currently the installer only supports
the “Typical setup” configuration.

Change to the installation directory:
cd /usr/local/stattransfer10

Run the graphical user interface:

If you have purchased Stat/Transfer, you should have received a
license via email. Install it as follows:

Click the “About” tab.
Click the “Install license” button.
Paste your license into the text box.
Press OK.
Close Stat/Transfer.
Start it up again.
Verify that Stat/Transfer is no longer running in trial mode by
going to the “About” tab.

You may want to put the Stat/transfer directory on your path or
to create symbolic links to the Stat/Transfer executables
(stattransfer and st) from another directory that is already on
your path.