Windows Version 13 Downloads

If you purchased a copy of Stat/Transfer Version 13 and have lost your file for some reason, you can download a demo copy of Version 13 by clicking on Download below.

In order to turn the demo copy into a full copy, your license must be available to the program. If your license is on another computer, then you must reactivate your software using your original activation code and your password. . If you do not have your original disk or license email then contact us.

You might consider upgrading to Version 14 while you are here. To do so, download the Version 14 demo and send us your order. As soon as we process it, we’ll send you a new activation code.

Windows Version 13 Download Instructions

ter you press the Download button below, a File Download box will appear in your browser and ask you if you want to Save or Open the file stdemo13.exe. You can do either.

If you choose to save the file, put it in any temporary directory and then install the Stat/Transfer demo by clicking on stdemo13.exe from the Windows Explorer or by opening a Run dialog box from the Start menu and typing in the file name, stdemo13.exe.

If you choose to open the file, your browser will store it to a temporary directory and then run it for you.

During installation, the Install program will prompt you for a destination directory before it moves any files. You can choose the directory into which Stat/Transfer will be installed as well as choosing several classes of optional components. When you are done, an icon for Stat/Transfer will be on your desktop and a new program group will be available on your Start Menu.