Download Stat/Transfer version 16

Mac OS X Download Instructions

After you press the Download button below, the disk image icon for the file stdemo.dmg will appear on your desktop. Click on this icon and a new icon for st_installer will appear on your desktop. Click on the st_intstaller icon. This will run the Installer.

You will be prompted to enter the name and password of a user on your computer with administrative privileges.

Then select Easy Install. This will copy Stat/Transfer to your Applications folder and create a StatTransfer icon on your desktop. The demo files will be in your Documents folder in a subfolder named StatTransfer 16

To run Stat/Transfer, navigate to the Applications folder and then to the StatTransfer16 folder. Then click on StatTransfer to start the program. The complete Stat/Transfer manual is available in the online help files, which you can reach by pressing the Help button from any of the tabs or by pressing F2. It is also available as a PDF file that is installed in the Stat/Transfer folder.