Phone, Fax & Mail Orders

Other Orders

Ordering Stat/Transfer by EMAIL, Fax, or Postal Mail

If you do not wish to order online, you can use one of the following methods to place your order.

Fax: (206) 508-9030
Mail: 5608 17th Avenue NW, Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98107

Tax exempt?

For online orders, please contact FastSpring, our reseller, to request a refund.


If you are ordering by mail, you may pay by check. Checks must be on a US bank in US funds.

You can pay an invoice or quote with a credit card by using our secure online payment form.

Purchase Orders (Net 30) are accepted, by mail or fax, from educational institutions and government agencies. Our Federal Tax ID is 04-2864938.

International wire transfers to our bank are subject to a $20.00 surcharge.

Note that most sales of electronically delivered software are now subject to sales tax.

If you have any questions about ordering, send us an e-mail at

Internet Delivery

The fastest (and only) way to get a copy of Stat/Transfer is to download a copy. Upon payment, we wil then e-mail a license file to you that will activate your demo copy and allow you to transfer all of your cases.

Find a Local Dealer

Please note that Neptune Technologies of Seattle, Washington is not an authorized dealer!

Customers in the United Kingdom, Spain or Portugal may contact:
Timberlake Consultants

Customers in Australia may contact:
Survey Design and Analysis Services Pty Ltd

Customers in Latin America may contact:
Software Shop

Customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries may contact:

Customers in Asia may contact:
Columbia CP Singapore

Order Form

Orders placed by fax or mail should include the following information:

Fax / Mail Form

Stat/Transfer Product

Check the Prices page to find the appropriate variant of Stat/Transfer for your use.

Customer information:

Telephone number

Shipping Information (if different)


Credit Card Information

Credit card type
Name on card
Card Number
Expiration Date
Security Code (CVV)

Card Billing Address (if different from shipping address)

Street address
Zip code (US Customers Only)

Purchase Order Information

Purchase order number
Billing address