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Welcome to the Stat/Transfer Web Store

It is easy to purchase Stat/Transfer right from your browser. Just click on the product you would like to buy and it will be put in your shopping cart. You then go to our easy-to-complete, secure order form. First, go to the store that is appropriate for you:

After your order is completed, you will receive an activation code. If you have not already done so, download the software. You can then activate it with the code you will receive in an email and which will also be displayed in your browser after your order.

Orders for Academic copies may be delayed if we cannot automatically verify your email address. Student orders will be held until proof of student status is received. Otherwise, you will receive your activation code immediately.

Most transfer operations take just a few seconds and few clicks of the mouse. Of course you could use other tools to do what Stat/Transfer does, but it would take you hours, days, and even weeks of effort to duplicate what Stat/Transfer does in a few seconds. What is your time worth?

To order multi-user lease licenses, please call or email.

Questions about Online Orders?

Stat/Transfer online orders are handled by FastSpring, which is our reseller of record and which handles credit card charges, subscription management and other payment issues. Questions about your credit card, sales taxes, and so on are best handled by their sales support department.