Support and End-of-Life Policies

Stat/Transfer Subscription Licenses and Lease Licenses include free upgrades to the latest version and technical support for as long the subscription or lease is current.

Holders of Stat/Transfer Perpetual Licenses should note the following:

1) Stat/Transfer is a continually evolving product. We strongly urge our users to upgrade to the latest version when upgrades become available. We fix bugs promptly in the current version, but unless they are critical, they will not be fixed in the immediate prior version. Versions older than one back are not maintained and should be used at your own risk.

2) We offer full technical support only to users of the current version and one version back.

3) Self-Service activation and reactivation support is currently available for Versions 13-16.

4) If a perpetually-licensed copy of Stat/Transfer is activated and running on a given computer, it can be run there indefinitely, but we do not guarantee that we will offer support for re-activation on a different or newer machine for longer than eight years after a version first ships. In keeping with this policy, we no longer offer downloads or re-activation for versions older than Version 13.

5) We cannot guarantee that Stat/Transfer will run on hardware and/or operating systems that were not available at the time a version shipped. Therefore you should not expect an older version of Stat/Transfer to run on the latest operating system or hardware. In short, if it was not tested, it may not run. For instance, Mac OS-X Catalina broke earlier versions of Stat/Transfer and users were required to upgrade.