Licensing and Prices

Stat/Transfer Licensing and Prices

We offer single-user licenses, volume single-user licenses, annual subscription and Network/Lease licenses. All licenses can be used interchangeably on Windows, Mac, or on Linux.

Single-user licenses allow you to install Stat/Transfer on up to three machines, as long as you are the primary user of those machines. For instance, you can install Stat/Transfer on your office computer, your home computer and your laptop. Single-user licenses will not work over a Network, and they can not be used on a web server or under Terminal Server, Citrix or similar remote access systems. They also cannot be used in a production environment for repetitive batch processes. Single-user licences are available on either a perpetual or an annual subscription basis.

Volume single-user licenses are bundles of single-user, subscription licenses. Volume licenses do not allow use over a network or with Terminal Server or Citrix. Each license should be assigned to a single person and should not be used concurrently or shared at any time.

Annual lease licenses are available in three variants. The first and most common variant permits use by a fixed number of named users on any combination of machines. These licenses can be used on a network and may be installed on servers, virtual machines, and other sharing infrastructure. Note that these are not simultaneous or concurrent use licenses. Each and every user that uses Stat/Transfer must hold a license, we do not offer any sort of “X users at a time” concurrent licensing as it only takes seconds to use the product and it is impossible to price Stat/Transfer in that way. You must buy as many seats as there are unique individuals who will be using the software in an annual period.

The second variant of our annual lease licenses is available only to educational institutions for computer lab or library use. These licenses permit the installation of Stat/Transfer on a fixed number of personal computers that are each available for use by any number of users.

The third variant of our annual lease licenses is the Production License. It is intended for web servers, repetitive batch jobs in commercial environments, or for use as a component of a software as a service system. The pricing on these licenses is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that, except for educational lab licenses, all individuals using Stat/Transfer at least one time during an annual period must hold a license.

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