SASdecoder Add-on

Read SAS Data Definitions with SASdecoder

Stat/Transfer users often ask us how to read a dataset that consists of a SAS program to read in the data and the raw data. The answer, until now, has been to buy, beg or borrow a copy of SAS to read in the data and then save it out as something Stat/Transfer can read, such as a SAS binary dataset. For many, given the price of SAS software, this has not been an option.

Now, thanks to Essistant Software, we can offer a solution. Their product, SASdecoder, reads SAS data definition commands and writes a Stat/Transfer schema file that will allow Stat/Transfer to read your data and convert it to any of the formats that Stat/Transfer supports. SASdecoder accepts three forms of input: Column, Formatted and List. It also translates PROC FORMAT and VALUE statements into value label definitions.

SAS decoder runs on Windows. You can obtain a free demo copy, which omits a randomly-selected set of variables and value labels. Click here to download an installer and try it out. If you prefer to download the User Manual only — to determine whether SASdecoder is appropriate for you — click here. This is the same documentation that comes with the SASdecoder installer program.

Full functionality requires an activation key, which you will receive after you purchase the product.

You can purchase a license/activation code for SASdecoder by clicking on a link below to go to our secure, online store:

SASdecoder Licenses for Windows

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