Help for Activation Problems


If you would like to activate now, please see the Quick Start Activation Tutorial.

It is easy.  If you would like to activate now, but do not have an internet connection, please see our Offline Activation Tutorial.

Just enter your activation code here and a password-reset link will be sent to your registered email.

You can obtain an emailed list of all of the activation codes that were purchased or activated using your email address by entering it here.

Just go here and enter your activation code and password, and you can then change your registered email address.

Your license allows you to activate Stat/Transfer on up to three computers, provided you are the primary user of each of those computers.  If you have exceeded this limit, you will need to deactivate one or more computers.  The best way to do that is to simply press the deactivate button on the about tab of Stat/Transfer.   If you no longer have access to one of the computers on which Stat/Transfer has been activated, you use our offline deactivation form.    This form requires that you know the name of the computer to be deactivated.  You can obtain a list of your computer names here.

All codes for perpetual licenses are version specific.  If you get this message, you a probably using an older license code to activate the latest version.  You will need to go to our user download center to download the correct version.  

Versions earlier than 13 can no longer be reactivated.  Please see our End of Life Policy.  You should consider upgrading to enjoy the newest features and continued support.

You should be sure to press the Activate Online button.  The other button “Install License” is for annual lease licenses , not activation codes, which are of the form XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.  Press the correct button and all will be well.

If you really read through these suggestions carefully and tried to solve your problem yourself and you still can’t activate your copy of Stat/Transfer, please fill out the form below to open a support ticket.

Open a Support Ticket

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    To enter your detailed version and platform information, first start the Stat/Transfer graphical user interface and then go to the "About" tab. Then click on the the "Copy Version Info" button. Then simply paste your information in the box below.

      Thank you for filling out our technical support form. When you press the "Send" button below, we will create a support ticket for you. You will receive an email acknowledgement, and you can reply to that email if you wish to add any additional information. In any case, our technicians will get back to you shortly. Thank you for using Stat/Transfer.