Help for Technical Problems


You should download and install the Data Access Components from Microsoft.    Make sure that you install  the driver variant (32 or 64 bit)  that matches your Stat/Transfer.

If you are on a Mac, you will need to purchase a third party driver from Actual Technologies.

Encoding errors are almost never due to a fault in Stat/Transfer.  You can usually get rid of them yourself by judiciously setting your encoding options.  Before contacting technical support, please carefully read this explanation about character encoding.

Stat/Transfer versions lower than 14 will not run on Catalina or Big Sur because they are not 64 bit applications.  Version 14 will run, but you will have difficulties installing it because of new code-signing and notarization requirements.  If you are using these newer versions of OS-X, we strongly recommend that you update to version 15.

That is a misleading  error message.  It occurs when a file written by Stat/Transfer is for a newer version of Stata than the one you are using.  Simply go to Output Options(1) and select the version that corresponds to your copy of Stata.

Open a Support Ticket

    Your Details
    1. Your Activation Code (We cannot help you without this!)
    2. You can use the "Copy Activation Code" button on the "About" tab.

    3. I have read the FAQ's at the top of this page.
    4. We are sorry, we cannot provide technical support to users of version thirteen or earlier. You should consider upgrading to get full support and to enjoy all of the
      latest features in Stat/Transfer Version Fifteen. You can read our support policy here.

    Your Technical Problem
    1. It is important that you check to see if you are running the most current maintenance release of Stat/Transfer. You can do this by selecting "Check for Updates", "Right Now," on the About Tab.

    2. I am running the most current maintenance release.
    3. (zip,png,txt,csv,xls,xlsx,dta,dat,sav,sas7bdat,jmp,sts,stcmd - Max 5 files, 5 MB total)

    Detailed Version and Computer Platform *

    To enter your detailed version and platform information, first start the Stat/Transfer graphical user interface and then go to the "About" tab. Then click on the the "Copy Version Info" button. Then simply paste your information in the box below.

      If you think think there is a bug or another problem with Stat/Transfer, by far the easiest and the most efficient way to get help is to first reproduce your problem and then press the "Send Error Report" button on the "Log" tab. This will automatically send comprehensive diagnostics to our most knowledgeable technicians. In addition, we strongly recommend that you use this facility to send a copy of your input file as well. Your data will be encrypted and held in the strictest confidence for only as long as we need it to diagnose your problem.

      Please also send this this form, because it will ensure that you are entered into our problem tracking system and will make sure that your issue does not slip through the cracks.

      1. I will send an error report..

      Thank you for filling out our technical support form. When you press the "Send" button below, we will create a support ticket for you. You will receive an email acknowledgement, and you can reply to that email if you wish to add any additional information. In any case, our technicians will get back to you shortly. Thank you for using Stat/Transfer.